Baron R. Birtcher, a native of Orange County, California, spent a number of years as a professional musician, guitarist, singer and songwriter. He founded an independent record label, and spent 18 years in the commercial real estate business in California.

Baron relocated to Hawaii in 1996. His first two hardboiled mystery novels, Roadhouse Blues and Ruby Tuesday were Los Angeles Times and IMBA Best-Sellers. Angels Fall is a nominee for Best Crime Novel for Left Coast Crime 2009. He has also served as a judge for the prestigious Edgar Award.

Words and Legacies

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Lately, I have read a great number of blogs and posts and Tweets and whatever, inquiring as to where to find the best cover artist... Or the best source of bookmarks... Or the best publicist...

It is the words that fall between the covers that defines our legacy as writers.

Even in an age of mass marketing and image, it all ultimately comes down to the ink on the page.


A hui hou,

A New Decade Begins...

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... and with it, new observations.

For my fellow writers, consider the following:

Asking your spouse to read and comment on your work is not unlike being asked
"Do I look fat in these pants?"

Good luck and good writing.